Why Have Tons Of Google Apps Gone Missing From Google Play Store?

Why Have Tons Of Android Apps Gone Missing or Been Removed From The Google Play Store? We Are in The Middle of a Modern Day Digital Book Burning!

I tried to post the following information on Android Central, and was immediately banned for speaking the truth. See the image below.  George Orwell’s book and film, “1984” is going to be every bit as horrifying and more real than people are ever going to believe, until it is too late and they are permanently enslaved in this Satanic matrix system, where the reality will be impossible to ignore, as cowards and order followers are doing right now.  Do not let that be you. STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUALITY, AND NATIONALISM!  MANKIND IS UNDER ATTACK and you sitting there doing nothing is the reason!  

I’m only going to give one example of an app gone missing from Google Play for nefarious Communist reasons, but I still want people to notice the slow and subtle Communist changes that are creeping into our lives.  I want people to ask the question, why is “NOTE EVERYTHING” missing from the Google Play store, like so many other great apps? Actually, the name “Note Everything” was hijacked, just like the U.S. Government, by a Communist Chinese organization. This seems to have happened to a lot of different apps that Communist infiltrators of the USA, and those planning to unleash a Communist horror show in the USA, have decided should no longer be used by the mass majority. For instance, if an app has insane security that the Communists are unable to hijack and use to spy on you, they are banning the apps from appearing on the Communist Google Play store. Are you noticing the subtle changes that are occurring in the Google Play store and also when you go shopping?  Do you notice the agenda when you see the types of videos being added to Netflix in comparison the ones that area already gone?  We are in the middle of a modern day book burning. They are only obvious if you do a comparison of 5 years ago to now, and look at the big picture. This is due to something David Icke refers to as the Totalitarian Tip Toe. I used the original “Note Everything Pro” for nearly a decade and now it’s gone.

How I discovered the nefarious Google Play Store agenda: My phone was not able to receive updates for nearly 5 years, because I didn’t want any updates other than those that were absolutely necessary. Recently, my phone was hijacked, and still is to some extent, because I am a white Conservative Christian Nationalist with morals. For some reason, when I viewed the Google Play store through my old “not updated ever” Android OS, things were normal, until they found a way into my phone to force me into doing a factory reset. I just restored my phone to factory defaults and even attempted to restore my apps from backup. All of the apps that are no longer being allowed on Google Play did not restore. Ask Google to provide a list of all that apps that were removed and then ask for an explanation.

When are we going to put eradicate these evil oligarchs? All we have to do is stop buying things. Let the corrupt Communist-infiltrated corporations go bankrupt. The Great Reset, as spoken of by tyrannical globalist POS Klaus Schwab, is not a “good” reset that will benefit Americans or anyone in the world. It is a nefarious totalitarian Luciferian one world government reset that will literally permanently enslave the entire world population, especially Americans. The reset we need is the exact opposite. It is one that eliminates these oligarchs from their positions of unelected, self-appointed, Satanic power and authority. 

It is best when we do not comply with any form of tyranny. All non-critical thinkers, people with the inability to reason, like Democrats and the radical left, including all cowards and order followers who go along with whatever just to get along, will be of no help defending our Freedom, Sovereignty, and National Identity, which is under attack by Communists. The attack on Bud Light was an attack orchestrated by Communists to damage Americans and America. All of the immoralities you see being condoned are literally acts of war orchestrated by Communists and the Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry.

If we cannot unite and do this, then the horror show that is coming to the USA and then the world, will be like nothing the world has ever experienced. They are already planning for another “Event 201.” How many people know about Event 201 and the Jewish poison that is killing millions of people every single day? Now they are greasing the wheels for a cyber plandemic this Fall. #AttentionArmedPatriots AWAKEN THE ARMED SPECIAL FORCES…..RETIREES!!!!!!

Note: As much as you feel the voting system is rigged, it is imperative to vote for Trump this Fall. He is the only person with the power and authority to take out the globalist infrastructure that is squeezing us all into poverty and disease, DELIBERATELY! They are still using the mind-controlled masses who believe the climate change hoax, to poison the skies, soil, and water. Many methods of covert warfare are being used on the American people and the world. It is time to wake up ALL ARMED SPECIAL FORCES RETIREES!!!!

Globalists Scum
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